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Our Mission is to provide you with a tray of high quality cupcakes using only the finest ingredients.

Each of our creations is stylishly finished by hand. Always beautifully presented and perfect to celebrate every occasion.

All our cupcakes are beautifully packaged and delivered across Devon county or can be collected directly at some of our favorite bakery shops.

Jane, Joyce and Jennifer Norton are three sisters from Devon based in the United Kingdom. Surrounded by the beauty of the English countryside, they've learnt the art of making delicious pastry back in their family home in Devon county.

Making home-baked treats for family, friends, and at-home gatherings fueled their passion for pastry and led to the creation of Norton CupCakery.

They bring the "Devon Country" philosophy to everything they do, from the high-quality baked goods, to the recipes they are happy to share with their customers and followers weekly.

At the Norton's family home, every detail is considered; everything is fresh and natural (sometimes from their own cows, goats and hens!)

They believe cutting corners results in a less-than-perfect product, so they pride themselves on making everything from scratch.