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About The Photographer

kenyaGreater flamingos on lake Naruku, Kenya
Born in 1948, Yann-Arthus Bertrand has always been fond of nature and animals. A thirty years old, he settles in Kenya with his wife, Anne, to study the every day life of a pride of lions.
kenyaMarket next to the National Reserve of Masai Mara, Kenya
The camera soon becomes necessary to relate his observations, and he understands that he has to tell the facts through images rather than words. Photobraphy becomes his vacation.
egyptDrying dates in a palm grouve South of Cairo, Egypt
Back to France in 1981, he publishes a book, "Lions", begins a career as a reporter-photographer and becomes specialised in aerial photography.
dominican republicConstruction of a golf course in the South East of the Dominican Republic
In 1994, under the patronage of UNESCO, he begins the creation of an aerial image bank of the most beautiful places on earth. This project will lead to the publication of The Earth from Above.